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A fun makeover photo shoot party is an unforgettable way for your teenage daughter and her friends to celebrate any special occasion.

Each girl spends around 15 minutes having light makeup applied. They then spend up to an hour in the studio having individual and group shots taken. Bring along as many props as you like such as balloons, streamers, party hats, feather boas, etc.


Zombie Shoots

New: Zombie Makeover Parties
Zombie makeover parties are a fun way to celebrate any special event. Great for hens and teens. Click below for more info.

Zombie Makeovers


Teenage party shoots are £35 per girl.

Included in the cost

  • Around one hour in the studio
  • Around 20 minutes in makeup
  • An A4 print for each girl
  • 6 digital images for the party girl

Please note that this deal does not include hair styling or digital retouching.


For those of you on a budget.

The cost is £25 per girl . As above but makeup and hair is not included. Girls are welcome to do their own makeup at our studio

Extra Photos

Photos from just £7 each

Extra digital images cost £25 each. However if you wish to buy all the images from the shoot (50+), the price drops to just £7 per image


Retouching from just £10 per image

Stray hair and blemishes will be fixed, backgrounds cleaned up, skin tone freshened, eyes brightened, back ground substitution and special effects.

Let us know before the shoot if you have anything particular in mind.


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