Professional Digital Retouching


Professional Digital Retouching of your studio pictures

We offer a high-end beauty retouching service including glamour and fashion retouching, for our clients including models, fashionistas and industry professionals.

Whether you a private individual, a potential model, a clothes designer, or just updating your beauty portfolio get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

Digital Retouching

Our extensive retouching services allow you to get those quality photographs you have been searching for. You may need just simple colour correction, red-eye removal or a total digital make-over, our retouching will add a professional finish to any image.

Areas of expertise include

  • Stray hair and blemishes
  • Background cleanup
  • Background substitution
  • Body reshaping
  • Digital lipo suction
  • Wrinkle reduction/removal
  • Bags under eyes removed
  • Teeth whitened & straightened



Retouching from just £10 per image

Light digital retouching such as blemish removal and back ground clean up is charged at £10 per image

Digital Retouching

Advanced digital retouching such as body reshaping and can cost £20 to £30 per photo.

Zombie Makeup

New - Zombie Makeover Parties
Our makeup artist, Sylvia works on a freelance basis for the British Army. Her job is to produce realistic looking injuries for training purposes. Combining advanced digital retouching with Sylvia's extraordinary ability, we are offering Zombie Photo Shoot Parties to our London clients.

Zombie Makeovers


'Absolutely amazing'
Thanks so much. I had an amazing time at your studios. The retouched photos were absolutely amazing and I cannot thank you enough for encouraging me to spend the extra and have it done. If you are reading this review you will not be disappointed if you go ahead and book. Thank you again!
Alan in Holloway
Find your 'inner goddess'
If you have been trying to decide like me for months and months, go for it. This is the most fun I have had in a long time. It was definitely an experience which forces you to step out of your comfort zone and find your inner goddess ( Fifty Shades?). I love the results of the digitally retouched background pictures.
Tanya in Lewisham
'Lots of fun'
I loved that when I walked into the studio, they were very welcoming. They made me feel right at home. Although I was a little shy , the photo shoot was as comfortable and relaxed as possible.They showed me the pictures along the way, and felt more and more comfortable as the shoot went on. Lots of fun and I am pleased I did it.
Susan in Kensington
'My pictures look amazing'
This was something totally out of my comfort zone as I am and always have been very self conscious of my body but it was a great opportunity to try and overcome that while providing my husband with a unique and special wedding boudoir album. I soon got over being self conscious, thanks mainly to the two girls. They explained the digital retouching option of subtle body reshaping which I went for. My pictures look amazing.
Reanna in Chiswick

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