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Your Glamour Photography experience will be totally tailored for you.

A typical glamour glamour shoot involves around 20-30 minutes in makeup and around an hour in the studio. For hygiene reasons, we ask you to bring along your own clothing, props and accessories.

For a one hour photo shoot, you will need three costume changes. Don't forget that adding accessories can quickly change the look and style of clothing. Props can very useful for posing. Ideas for props include hats, cigars, stilettos, feather boas, whips, etc.

If you would like more than three changes of clothing, or feel that you need more time in the studio, let us know in advance because we will need to book more time for your shoot.

Don't worry, there is no extra charge for booking more studio time.

We strongly advise that you do some research on the internet and find glamour poses that you can see yourself doing. You should practice these at home and get a friend to take some pictures of you. Think about the style of glamour photos you want - style your shoot - burlesque, bridal, vintage and contemporary. The photographer will take you through a guided photo shoot incorporating any ideas or poses you may have.

Our glamour photographer, Kristina, has lots of experience with glamour shoots and will expertly pose you to get the best ‘looking fabulous naked’ photos (by the way, going naked is optional!).

During the glamour shoot, we will strive to relax you as much as possible.  We know how nerve-wracking it can be but we are a very friendly all-girl team and none of us have perfect bodies either!

We incorporate the latest trends in fashion and styling ensuring a flawless and unique shoot. Our professional team will assist you by discussing makeup ideas and suggesting poses that will appear not only natural, yet complementary and flattering.

We ask you to arrive at the studio wearing no makeup products and with your hair ready styled. Dry hair styling is optional and can be booked for a small extra charge.


£50 Shoots!

Our £50 photo shoots offer incredible value for money.

  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • One hour+ studio time
  • Digital image of your choice
  • A4 size print of above
  • Light retouching

Important: Please note that hair styling is not included and is an optional extra.

£25 Shoots!

A very affordable £25 photo shoot which includes

  • One hour studio time
  • Digital image of your choice
  • A4 size print of above
  • A Makeup Artist is NOT included

For your total peace of mind

If you are not happy with the results of your photo shoot we will give you a complete refund.



We can tidy up your chosen photos. Stray hair and blemishes can be fixed, backgrounds cleaned up, skin tone and skin texture freshened, eyes brightened and perhaps a teeny weeny bit of digital lipo suction and body reshaping.

Using chroma key background substitution, we can put you in any location in the world. Let us know beforehand, if you would like this done.


Makeup Artist

If you are on a really tight budget, you can do your own makeup at our studios.

However, we strongly recommend that you cough up that bit extra and book our professional makeup artist, Sylvia. She knows exactly how much makeup to apply to achieve that wow factor look under professional studio lighting.


Escort Photoshoots

High quality, fabulously sensuous professional escort photography is worth it's weight in gold.

In our experience, most escorts know exactly what the want in terms of style, posing and photographic lighting. Also, many escorts who come to our London photo studios prefer to do there own makeup.

We work with individual escorts, but also work with many London escort agencies and can offer reduced rates to girls from these agencies.


Client Reviews

“We had a super time at the studios., My partner hates hates having his picture taken so he was a little nervous and apprehensive, but Kristina definitely put us at ease and we both had lots of fun! Thanks, I definitely want to do this again in the future!”
Joanna, Chiswick
“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had doing a glamour shoot with the girls. I felt like a diva in absolute heaven! I had a gorgeous time and the staff were incredibly friendly and the photos are unbelievably AMAZING. Thank you!!! xxx.”
June, Westminster
“My wife and I had a glamorous, intimate photoshoot at the studios last week.. The service was well beyond exceptional and very professional – Outstanding shots! Special thanks to the team for the wonderful service and experience.”
James - Greenwich
 “I was really scared that my photos would be awful because I am a bit self conscious of my bits. I am not a model. I didn’t know anything about posing so it was great when Kristina, the photographer actually demonstrated the poses herself, helping my pictures turn out fabulous. Thanks so much! "
Samantha, Islington


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