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One of our specialties is actors headshot photography. Our London studios are conveniently set in the heart of bustling Camden NW1, literally minutes away from central London. We shoot headshots on a daily basis for the theatrical and film industry.

Our clients range from singers, musicians and performers of all types, children and babies, theatre schools, agents and managers.

Our Headshot Services

  • A one hour photo shoot
  • Digital image for Spotlight and other web uses
  • A FREE 10x8 repro
  • Optional hair styling and makeup
  • Optional captioning and label printing

Our affordable headshot prices represent real value for money and our quality 10x8 repro printing is amongst the cheapest in London. We print both in colour and bw and can add captions or provide self adhesive labels for the back of the prints.

Our aim is to produce a natural relaxed headshot showing YOU at your best.

Headshot Portfolio

£50 Shoots!

Our £50 photo shoots offer incredible value for money.

  • Professional Makeup Artist
  • One hour+ studio time
  • Digital image of your choice
  • A4 size print of above
  • Light retouching

Important: Please note that hair styling is not included and is an optional extra.

£25 Shoots!

A very affordable £25 photo shoot which includes

  • One hour studio time
  • Digital image of your choice
  • A4 size print of above
  • A Makeup Artist is NOT included

For your total peace of mind

If you are not happy with the results of your photo shoot we will give you a complete refund.


Colour or BW?

We always shoot in colour and convert the images into BW if required by our clients. The question is do you submit colour or BW shots. Generally US based castings and auditions require a colour headshot.

In the UK, BW and colour are both used and it might be worth asking if the agent has a preference. Most websites now allow you to post several pictures, so a mixture of BW and colour should be submitted.

Headshot Format Options

  • US - colour is now the norm
  • UK - both BW and colour are used
  • Printed size - 10x8 inches
  • Prints - gloss/matt, border/no border

Cheap Repros

10x8 repros - amongst the cheapest in London

10 - £25
20- £40
30- £51
40 - £62
50 - £73
100 - £118
200 - £220

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Our Clients

Our photographers are regularly involved in projects which attract national TV and press coverage and have been featured on both ITV and BBC.

Our location work has even taken us to Chicago were we photographed Beyonce on behalf of her sponsor, Pepsi Cola.


Past clients include Unilever, Bicardi, Vanquis Bank, Coca Cola, Brent Council, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Beverley Hills, Channel 4,, Tropicana, Reebok, Supermalt, Stowells of Chelsea Wines, O2 Phones, Southwark and many, many more.

Eye Contact

Engaging eye contact is a must for effective headshots.

We suggest looking just above the lens at the 'Canon' or 'Nikon' name plate on the camera. Most faces and eyes are unsymmetrical which is why you have a 'good' side and a 'bad' side. Being photographed in 3/4 profile solves this problem. A handy hint for looking good is to smile with your eyes. In effect. this means squinting ever so slightly with your bottom eye lids only. Caution, if you overdo this you will end up looking like a certain Mr Eastwood.


Even experienced actors have trouble in relaxing and getting the perfect the headshot.

Top Tip - Do forget your posture. From a sitting position, shoulders back and sit up straight. Now, lean forward slightly at the waist and bringing your forehead closer to the camera. This pose will give you a nice strong jaw line and get rid of wrinkly necks and double chins. Think of ET or a turtle sticking it's head out of it's shell

Do the Turtle!

  • Straighten your back and pull your shoulders back
  • Lean forwards at the waist
  • Stretch out your neck, bringing your forehead closer to the lens
  • Lift your chin up and look straight at the camera

Practice this pose in the mirror. It can feel terribly awkward but it works wonders in front of a camera.

Our advice is to make use of your time in our photo studios and come away with a range of shots, keeping your options open for a variety of casting choices.

Ideas for Headshot Poses

  • Commercial and theatrical/film headshots (definitely recommended)
  • Choice of plain backgrounds - white, gray and black
  • Clothing - casual, evening wear, sporty, smart etc
  • Smiling, smiling with teeth and no smile
  • In character shots - eg, confident, moody, vulnerable, enigmatic, etc

A combination of the above ideas will lead to a very useful selection of headshots ideal for a variety of uses.

Client Reviews

Beyonce photographed for Pepsi Cola on location in Chicago USA
“We knew Paul was the perfect photographer for this job. His engaging personality and ability to consistently get the shots required no matter what the pressure is what makes him ideal for celebrity PR work.” – Pepsi UK, London
“Will Carling has had a hard time with the press and absolutely hates photographers. Finding you for this location head shot shoot was a god send as we now have a number of useful publicity images. How you managed it in 5 minutes I will never know. Many Thanks” - Miller London
“Thank you to Kristina the photographer and Sylvia the makeup artist for all the help during my head shot photo session. The advice on makeup with the studio lights was spot on. Many thanks” – John McD, Islington
 “I have used the studios for many years and have no hesitation in recommending them. The quality is good and the charges are very reasonable. A big thank you for all your help!” – Glen Goldsmith  East West Records
 “Getting your headshots done is stressful. It can be expensive, so there is a lot of pressure to get a great shot.The photographer, Kristina, put me at ease straight away and I ended up with so many options. She shot the clean, expressive headshots casting directors want"
Suzanne in St Johns Wood
 “I am a professional actor and I have been using this studio for 15 years for my headshots. I have no hesitation in whole heartedly recommending them. The quality of the photography is outstanding and their prices are always affordable.”
Ben in Maida Vale

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